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Policy and Procedures Committee


To enhance the safety and welfare of children and young people by developing and revising Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, on a multi-agency basis.


  • Develop Policy & Procedures which will contribute to the objectives set in the SBNI’s 3 year Strategic Plan.
  • Fulfil the policy and procedural requirements contained in the Departmental Guidance relating to the creation of the SBNI.
  • Review individual policy and procedures identified by professional staff as being ambiguous or unhelpful.
  • Following the conclusion of the current Departmental review of policies, produce a revised Regional Policy and Procedures, which reflects the changes in thinking and practice contained in the Department’s revision of Cooperating to Safeguard Children.
  • Agree with the member agencies a dissemination process for the revised document. 
  • Revised Regional Core Child Protection Policies and Procedures for Northern Ireland launched