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Safeguarding Panels

Each Safeguarding Panel will be made up of the Core SBNI Membership agencies represented on the Board, with the following roles/people:

  • A Independently Selected Chair;
  • From the local Health and Social Service Trust:
    • An Assistant Director of Children’s Services;
    • A Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children;
    • A Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children;
    • An Assistant Director for Mental Health Services;
  • Superintendent from the Police Service of Northern Ireland;
  • An Area Manager from the Probation Board for Northern Ireland;
  • An Assistant Director from the Youth Justice Agency;
  • A manager from an Education and Library Board;
  • At least one but no more than two managers from a District Council;
  • A manager from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children;
  • At least three but no more than five persons from voluntary and community organisations;
  • A member of a Local Medical Committee of the British Medical Association who practices within the area of Safeguarding.

Panels can seek to add to their membership by seeking written approval from the SBNI.

Brian Hanna


I have recently retired from Police Service of Northern Ireland serving as a D/Chief Superintendent, having responsibility for reactive and organised crime investigations across NI. I was also the senior investigator on some of the most complex and large scale investigations involving Child Sexual Exploitation in Northern Ireland.

I am delighted to have been appointed as independent chair of the Northern , Belfast and Western Area Safeguarding Panels.   In addition as a Board member of the Safeguarding Board for NI I have the responsibility to represent the panels views.  Most recently at the development day we identified the key priorities for SBNI going forward over the next three years. 

The priorities identified and agreed are:

  • Sexual and Domestic Violence

  • Neglect

  • Mental Health

The role of the Safeguarding Panels is to:

(a)  co-ordinate the implementation of the Safeguarding Board’s strategic plan for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children;

(b) monitor the implementation of the Safeguarding Board’s policies and procedures;

(c) promote an awareness of the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children;

(d) implement any arrangements established by virtue of regulation 38(b) for sharing the findings of case management reviews; and

(e) promote communication between the Safeguarding Panel and children and young persons.”

Working across three panels and in partnership with Yvonne Adair, the Independent Chair for the other two panels, enables the sharing of information and ideas across trust areas to improve safeguarding children arrangements.

In addition, safeguarding panels have the autonomy to continue delivering against localised issues identified within their respective areas of responsibility building on multiagency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Northern Ireland.

I look forward to working collectively with the individuals and partners over the next few years.

Yvonne Adair

I am the Independent Chair of two Safeguarding Panels: Southern and South Eastern Trusts.

I am a qualified social worker (Queen’s University Belfast, Master of Social Work, 1982) with 35 years’ experience. The vast majority of my career was spent within the justice system, initially with Probation Board and latterly, with Youth Justice Agency. My experience, both as a practitioner and as a manager, taught me the absolute necessity and the benefits of interagency cooperation / coordination and of engaging actively with stakeholders and communities.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to be instrumental within Safeguarding Board NI, alongside my other complementary involvement in Restorative Practices, Prisons and the Prevention of Sexual Abuse.

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