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Safeguarding Panels

Each Safeguarding Panel will be made up of the Core SBNI Membership agencies represented on the Board, with the following roles/people:

  • A Independently Selected Chair;
  • From the local Health and Social Service Trust:
    • An Assistant Director of Children’s Services;
    • A Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children;
    • A Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children;
    • An Assistant Director for Mental Health Services;
  • Superintendent from the Police Service of Northern Ireland;
  • An Area Manager from the Probation Board for Northern Ireland;
  • An Assistant Director from the Youth Justice Agency;
  • A manager from an Education and Library Board;
  • At least one but no more than two managers from a District Council;
  • A manager from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children;
  • At least three but no more than five persons from voluntary and community organisations;
  • A member of a Local Medical Committee of the British Medical Association who practices within the area of Safeguarding.

Panels can seek to add to their membership by seeking written approval from the SBNI.

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